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Arjeel Cachumbo

Do you have zero ideas on how to register your business? Don’t worry! You came to the right place.

  1. Know your business type.

    There are two kinds of business types, one is the “Partnership/Corporation” and the other is “Sole Proprietorship”. Partnership/Corporation is managed and owned by 2 or more people, whereas Sole Proprietorship is owned by 1 person only.

  2. Once you know which of the two is your business type, you have to get a permit depending on the business type you have.
    • Partnership/Corporation- SEC permit
    • Sole Proprietorship - DTI permit
  3. When you have your respective permits ready, this is where you get a “Barangay Permit”
  4. Now get a Mayor’s permit
  5. And last but not least, the BIR permit. You will need your TIN number when registering with the BIR.
    • Sole Proprietor- Own personal TIN number
    • Partnership/Corporation - it could be that the SEC will provide you your TIN for the business or BIR (don’t forget to ask this when getting an SEC permit so you can prepare better)
  6. The COR / Certificate of Registration Release will be given within the day as long as there’s no problem with your documents. And from there on, you get to have your business receipt.

Bonus: You could have a problem with your business registration if your TIN ID’s address is not the same as your business address.

So for example, you want your business to be registered at Lancaster Cavite and would like to have an office in Cavite, but since it’s a residential area, you cannot register your business at your residential address. So, you’ll need a business address to legally register your business. Therefore you need a service where you can minus the hassle of these processes and problems by availing yourself of a Virtual Office.

Incub8Space has a “Business Processing Consultancy/Service” in Kawit Cavite (which is optional by the way) where our Space Expert can help you process your business registration when availing of a Virtual Office Service.

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